Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Pig Care' Milk Bottles

RANTAU PANJANG - (Warkah Timur) A grandmother who brought her grandson to the feast was two years old here yesterday surprised when rebuked the bottle shown the word "pig care" and not "baby care".

Grandmother of 52 years, said he was not aware of the existence of words on the bottle of milk had just purchased the 26-year-old daughter to her grandson, has the words another meaning than it should.

He said the new bottle and used his grandson as before he used glass bottles.

"Since we bought some last week that not one family member aware of the existence of the word is on the milk bottle.

"After this I will throw for the bottle and should be written with the words 'baby care' and not 'pig care' which means animals that illegal for Muslims," he told reporters yesterday afternoon.

Concerned grandmother said, if not reprimanded during the ceremony, he may not have been aware of the existence of the word 'pig care' on the bottle, which is believed to be purchased at the border and come from neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, a woman who is also the feast is, Rohana Yusof, 49, said he was surprised to see the writing on the bottle two years.

He said he has six children and the eldest 32 years old but have never seen such words appear bottles.

"I hope, after this, parents are more aware of when buying a bottle of milk for their children because the meanings of the word refers to animals," he said.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Father thought the son died

KOTA BHARU - (Warkah Timur) Abstinence death before dying. Even if the train is delayed crushed, but the driver survived only minor injuries on the body.

In the incident at Kubang Kachang Bridge, Tiong here at about 9:05 am yesterday, the victim Shahrizat Sulaiman, 29, a supervisor in a supermarket and hand injuries due to trapped in the body involved crash.

It is understood that during the incident, the victim to stop his vehicle on the bridge after finding a container lorry in front of him stopped suddenly and there is petrol tanker crashed into his car from the same cause victims trapped.

Fortunately the victim when the incident a number of residents in the area that continues out of the car and taken to a nearby house before being rushed by ambulance to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia for treatment.

Victim's father, Ibrahim Sulaiman, 59, when found at the scene and was shocked at first thought that her beloved son was killed because the car is driven Mercedes C260 crushed her in general.

According to him, about 9 o'clock last night was the third child out of the house to go to work and he also had advised him to be careful when driving.

"I was surprised because after half an hour later he called me telling her own accident and I immediately rushed to the scene.

"After arriving on the scene I thought he had died because of the situation is very serious and smashed his car, but I'm thankful that people told him only minor injuries," he said.

Following that incident, a fire engine from Fire Station with three members of Darul Naim Mat Rifin Mamat headed to the scene.

"We can only help move the vehicle the victim to be placed on the edge of the bridge to avoid traffic congestion because the victim had removed the villagers," he said.

The incident also caused congestion of road about 100 meters from the scene following the incident occurred in the middle of the bridge, and the situation can be controlled with the help of traffic.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Criminals posing settlers

PERASU (Warkah Timur) - Genesis of a red Proton Wira speeding police patrol car chased the Felda Land Plan Perasu here appalling residents, on Monday night.

In the incident at about 9 pm, a patrol car from the police station Proton Wira Paloh pursuit of three men believed to be reliable boarded criminals.

However, one of the criminals are hunted by the police to arrest people, while two others managed to escape.

Paloh alleged incident until the start of the vehicle into the next Perasu Felda met another police vehicle from Gua Musang to go to the Felda area through the back roads.

Upon realizing appeared another police vehicle, the suspect is believed to try to accelerate his vehicle to escape.

However, the vehicle skidded and hit a coconut tree in the front office Felda here.

A resident who witnessed the incident, Mat Zain Hasan, 61, said the three suspects then fled in the Felda area Perasu.

According to him, while trying to hide, two of the men were running two motorcycles owned by people who are placed in front of the house.

"Motorcycles owned by residents of two men were abducted, as when the bike lock is still there in the car.

"After that, both believed to be missing around Felda Perasu," he told The Star yesterday.

Meanwhile, another suspect believed to spend the night in prayer and worship at Felda Perasu population dawn prayers.

According to him, saw the suspect suspicious circumstances, people try to catch the suspects as police chased suspects involved in the incident on the night.

"However, the man managed to escape and then find people who are being cut down in his garden.

"Then the people act to catch a man around the age of 30's and handed over to police, the next day," he said.

District police chief Superintendent Saiful Bahri Abdullah, when contacted confirmed the incident.

He said the ministry was investigating the incident involved.
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Member Of Galas DUN Die

KOTA BARU Sept 27. (Warkah Timur) - Member of Legislative Assembly (Assembly) Galas, Chek Hashim Sulaiman, 46, who suffered from lung cancer died at the Specialist Hospital Al-Islam Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur at about 4:30 this afternoon.

Specifically Officer, Mr. Hassan said Late Che Hashim admitted to the hospital late last five days ago after following the traditional treatment since 14 September in Kuala Lumpur.

"Chek Hashim was brought to Kuala Lumpur on the feast of the fifth year, however, more critical condition died this day.

"He was laid prayed at the Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru village before being taken back to the curls, Galas, Gua Musang to be buried," he told The Star here.

Chek Hashim late leaving two wives Che Bongsu Junuh and Aida Zakaria, 49, and 12 children aged between six months to 19 years.

Chek Hashim was diagnosed with lung cancer in May last year had undergone surgery at The First People's Hospital, Fu San, Beijing after receiving treatment at one hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to this, late been involved in a serious injury after a road accident at Kilometer 36 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai on March 21, 2008.

Also injured in the accident was his wife, Aida Zakaria and his son, Amasha, 2 years.

Chek Hashim bearing on the Assembly elections of 2008 after defeating incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN), Mohamad Saufi Deraman with a majority of 646 votes.

In the 2004 election, losing to the late Mohamad Saufi the majority of 1.729 votes.

Born in Kuala Betis, Gua Musang it got involved in politics since at school when a student leader at the School of Religion (Arabic) Tarbiah Mardziah, Panchor, Pengkalan Chepa.

He furthered his studies in religion to Pakistan and Afghanistan before returning and joining PAS.

Chek Hashim was also appointed to the Youth Passes State House Committee and currently serves as President of Pass The Gua Musang.

Pas deputy president, Nasharudin Mat Isa, when met after performing funeral prayers at Masjid Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, expresses condolences to the family of the late member and hope they will accept the conditions.

Meanwhile, his first wife, Che Bongsu, 49, also said late had conveyed messages to him for keeping the children well.
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Monday, September 27, 2010


PASIR MAS - 25 September 2010 (Warkah Timur) berlansung satu perhimpuran yang dianjurkan oleh Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa atau ringkasnya PERKASA. Perhimpunan ini boleh dikatakan berjaya kerana menjaya menggamit puluhan ribu orang untuk menghadiri perhimpunan ini. Turut memeriahkan perhimpunan ini apabila mantan Perdana Menteri iaitu Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad bersama isteri turut hadir untuk bersama menjayakan program anjuran PERKASA biarpun beliau sendiri bukanlah ahli PERKASA.

Perhimpunan ini merupakan satu manifestasi sokongan rakyat terhadap PERKASA dan usaha-usaha yang dijalankan oleh NGO tersebut untuk memastikan kepentingan umat Melayu di Malaysia terbela.

Namun apa yang dikesalkan ialah perhimpunan itu telah diperlekehkan oleh beberapa portal berita berita internet yang pro kepada pembangkang. Kebanyakan daripada portal berita tersebut telah memberi maklumat yang salah berhubung bilangan kehadiran orang ramai ke perhimpunan yang penuh bermakna itu. Rata-rata portal berita internet pro pembangkang mengistiharkan bahawa hanya 5,000 orang yang hadir ke perhimpunan itu.

Perhimpunan yang diadakan di kawasan berhampiran Stesen KTM Pasir Mas itu turut dipersoalkan kenapa lokasi itu dipilih, dan ada juga yang melabel sebagai simbolik Mahathir dan Ibrahim Ali sedang menunggu keretapi untuk menamatkan karier politiknya.

Walaubagaimanapun apa yang kita perlu tahu sebenarnya 'simbolik' yang boleh kita lihat daripada lokasi penganjuran perhimpunan ialah, Keretapi Tanah Melayu merupakan satu-satunya yang tinggal untuk Melayu. Itulah yang menjadi simbolik sebenarnya bukan seperti mana laporan bias portal berita internet pro pembangkang.

Apabila mereka memperlekehkan Perhimpunan yang dianjurkan oleh PERKASA ini, makanya sudah tentu begitu takut dengan sokongan yang diberikan kepada PERKASA. Dengan memperlekehkan perhimpunan ini mungkin secara tidak langsung mereka akan dapat menganggu-gugat PERKASA.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Caution call from "Sex Doctor"

KUALA TERENGGANU (Warkah Timur) - Members of the public, especially women asked to be careful if I get a call from a man who introduced himself as a doctor to avoid a scam victim.

Men believed involved in the 'sex mad' is said to disguise as a medical officer and contacted the female patient and give direction does not make sense, supposed to cure diseases caused by them.

Deputy Director of Health (Pharmacy) Terengganu, Dr Mohammad Omar when expose the matter said, his agency received a complaint from a female patient who claims to be contacted 'Tan'.

According to him, the man who introduced himself as Dr Tan had contacted the victim to teach women to do breast self-examination (BSE) through phone calls.

"For sure mang sa that he really a doctor, the man was also co takan some personal information, the victim causing her to believe," he said yesterday.

Dr Mohammad said, the man believed to obtain personal information by impersonating the victim in the hospital before they Ngi menghubu and give instructions for medical examination of allegedly obscene.

He said the same case was reported several years ago but when it spread its activities to the public, the men crazy sex act to stop it for a while, before returning to interfere with the patient after it subsided.

Accordingly, he asks any woman who has been a victim of the doctor involved a false police report to ensure that things do not recur in the future.

"Of course we have received complaints about this matter but the department can not take action other than to inform the medical officer did not treat patients through phone calls because that's not our procedure.

"This act is in fact affect the good name of the Department of Health and we hope that the public was a police report if the victim so that authorities can take appropriate action," he said.

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Fishermen found the old bomb

KOTA BHARU (Warkah Timur) - A fisherman was forced to abandon his intention to fish after his nets in the grain hit the long bomb from the time of war believed to be Japanese.

Che Che Noah Said, 52, found a bomb weighing about two kilograms of the time crawled on shore nearby Moon Light beach about 9 am yesterday.

"At first I thought I got a big fish because when I pulled the net a bit heavy.

"After being pulled to shore and I was so surprised because there was a large iron and having seen it a bomb," he told The Star yesterday when met at the scene.

Later he was involved in removing the bomb from the net and ran left and return the findings to inform his friends to report to the police.

Meanwhile, a resident, Zainal Mat, 32, was found, he said, after hearing the news of the discovery of the bombs, he continued to the beach and is concerned it is the old type of bomb.

"I expect it of old bombs used in Japan when the war first time because I saw the design and stainless steel," he said.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Irfan Pelakon Teater Cilik Berbakat....

PADA Isnin 23 November satu persembahan teater kanak-kanak telah diadakan di Dewan Perniagaan Cina Kelantan di Jalan Kebun Sultan, Kota Bharu Kelantan. Pementasan teater itu disempurnakan oleh Kumpulan Teater Anak Merbau atau ringkasnya A.N.T.H.E.M.

Rata-rata pelakon yang menjayakan Teater yang berjudul Pesona Mimpi yang mengisahkan anak seorang tok dalang Wayang Kulit yang tidak minat dengan Wayang Kulit tetapi lebih minat kepada Wayang Gambar dan juga perangai mengada-ngada dan terlalu mengikuti perkembangan fesyen yang terkini memang berbakat.

Dalam pada itu, Warkah Timur mendapati salah seorang pelakon yang melakonkan watak Ayah Siti Dewi dalam Teater Tersebut memang berbakat besar dan berpotensi menjadi Pelakon Teater Profesional mungkin adalah elok dia diberi peluang bergandingan bersama salah seorang pelakon teater terkenal yang berlakon dalam pementasan Teater Muzikal Kanak-Kanak Ali Baba iaitu Ahmad Zaidyansjah Rudd Yansjah.

Pihak yang bertanggungjawab dalam persembahan teater terutamanya Istana Budaya tidak boleh mensia-siakan permata berkilau yang berasal dari Kg. Sungai Bodor, Kota Bharu, Kelantan ini.

Walaupun beberapa tempat di Kota Bharu ditenggelami air, namun kehadiran penonton untuk menyaksikan pementasan teater tersebut memang boleh dibanggakan. Mungkin selepas ini pihak penganjur boleh meneruskan pementasan teater tersebut di sekitar Kota Bharu.

BANJIR di Kota Bharu Kian Pulih...

KOTA BHARU 24 November (Warkah Timur) - Banjir yang melanda beberapa tempat di Kota Bharu, Kelantan sudah beransur pulih apabila bacaan paras air Sungai Kelantan di Jeti Kastam mencatatkan penurunan petang tadi.

Untuk rekod bacaan paras air Sungai Kelantan di Jeti Kastam pada pukul 6.01 petang tadi menunjukkan pada bacaan 5.10 meter, biarpun masih di atas paras bahaya tetapi apabila melihat perubahan yang semakin menurut dari bacaan yang dicatatkan pada tengahari tadi di mana bacaanya adalah 5.21 pada pukul 12 tengahari tadi.

Penduduk sekitar kawasan yang selalu digenangi air boleh merujuk kepada trend graph yang disediakan oleh Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) di

Sebelum ini beberapa kawasan di dalam daerah Kota Bharu yang digenangi air antaranya ialah Kg. Sungai Bodor, Kg. Atas Paloh, Kawasan berdekatan dengan Muzium Perang Kelantan, Lorong Che Mat Baba, Kg. Paya Purnama, Pantai Cahaya Bulan dan Banggol.

Dengan berita terbaru ini mungkin penduduk di sekitar Kota Bharu yang digenangi air banjir bolehlah menarik nafas lega kerana dijangka air banjir akan surut sepenuhnya menjelang Tengahari besok.