Monday, April 4, 2011

Father thought the son died

KOTA BHARU - (Warkah Timur) Abstinence death before dying. Even if the train is delayed crushed, but the driver survived only minor injuries on the body.

In the incident at Kubang Kachang Bridge, Tiong here at about 9:05 am yesterday, the victim Shahrizat Sulaiman, 29, a supervisor in a supermarket and hand injuries due to trapped in the body involved crash.

It is understood that during the incident, the victim to stop his vehicle on the bridge after finding a container lorry in front of him stopped suddenly and there is petrol tanker crashed into his car from the same cause victims trapped.

Fortunately the victim when the incident a number of residents in the area that continues out of the car and taken to a nearby house before being rushed by ambulance to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia for treatment.

Victim's father, Ibrahim Sulaiman, 59, when found at the scene and was shocked at first thought that her beloved son was killed because the car is driven Mercedes C260 crushed her in general.

According to him, about 9 o'clock last night was the third child out of the house to go to work and he also had advised him to be careful when driving.

"I was surprised because after half an hour later he called me telling her own accident and I immediately rushed to the scene.

"After arriving on the scene I thought he had died because of the situation is very serious and smashed his car, but I'm thankful that people told him only minor injuries," he said.

Following that incident, a fire engine from Fire Station with three members of Darul Naim Mat Rifin Mamat headed to the scene.

"We can only help move the vehicle the victim to be placed on the edge of the bridge to avoid traffic congestion because the victim had removed the villagers," he said.

The incident also caused congestion of road about 100 meters from the scene following the incident occurred in the middle of the bridge, and the situation can be controlled with the help of traffic.

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