Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Pig Care' Milk Bottles

RANTAU PANJANG - (Warkah Timur) A grandmother who brought her grandson to the feast was two years old here yesterday surprised when rebuked the bottle shown the word "pig care" and not "baby care".

Grandmother of 52 years, said he was not aware of the existence of words on the bottle of milk had just purchased the 26-year-old daughter to her grandson, has the words another meaning than it should.

He said the new bottle and used his grandson as before he used glass bottles.

"Since we bought some last week that not one family member aware of the existence of the word is on the milk bottle.

"After this I will throw for the bottle and should be written with the words 'baby care' and not 'pig care' which means animals that illegal for Muslims," he told reporters yesterday afternoon.

Concerned grandmother said, if not reprimanded during the ceremony, he may not have been aware of the existence of the word 'pig care' on the bottle, which is believed to be purchased at the border and come from neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, a woman who is also the feast is, Rohana Yusof, 49, said he was surprised to see the writing on the bottle two years.

He said he has six children and the eldest 32 years old but have never seen such words appear bottles.

"I hope, after this, parents are more aware of when buying a bottle of milk for their children because the meanings of the word refers to animals," he said.